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The next post will be about me announcing the test prologue build is in your inbox, I swear.

Thing is, we’ve been polishing the presentation a lot, it’s like we need the game to look good even if it’s for a test build, so we hope you appreciate that.

Thanks everyone for your support by the way, it means a lot to us!




So I saw this message in my inbox and wasn’t sure if Mae knew enough mandarin to reply to this, so I thought I’d copy and paste it to google translate just to try to see if I could get a couple of words in and understand what this ask was about.

But lol. Oh boy. As someone who speaks four languages, google translate is shit. Ask any bilingual. And to see this translated so. damn. perfectly. is hilarious.

You literally went to google translate, typed out what you wanted to say, put the Chinese option, and copy and pasted it into our inbox.

Then you say “you cannot say I’m white cause I’m writing this in China” like lol that is the whitest thing you can say.

And another thing, the wording on your post. You try and simplify and condense your words and sentencing because it might not translate well if you use other synonyms in English to Chinese.

Good lord. Even with proper grammar from someone who’s fluent in another language, google translate is crap. There is no fucking way that it can translate this so perfectly without originating from google translate itself.

So whitey, mayo, cracker, try again.


This is way too funny oh my god

oh god this is legit hilar + as a person who understands chinese i can say with 268437% certainty that it’s translated from english, the sentence structure and everything is completely wrong. it’s obv a direct translation from english (ahem i know from my experience writing chinese compos w the help of google translate).

so many gems in the message but i think the one that takes the cake is when he writes 比赛 to mean the (Asian) race because LOL THAT MEANS RACE AS IN COMPETITION IN CHINESE NOT RACE AS IN ASIAN